Mr Fenn undertakes many plastic and reconstructive procedures on a private basis. These procedures are usually covered by most private medical insurance providers. Even without insurance, care and treatment can be undertaken on a self-pay basis.

Insurance supported patients

If you have private medical insurance and need medical treatment, please follow the steps below:

1) Arrange to see your GP and let him/her know that you have private medical insurance

2)  If your GP refers you to see Mr Chris Fenn, you need to contact your health insurer for authorisation. At this stage, it is important that you check your policy for the following details:

- Is there an excess on your policy or does it have any exclusions.

- Do you have a limit in your out-patient cover

3) When you attend your appointment with Mr Fenn, please take the following information with you:

- Name of your insurer, along with policy name and number

- Confirmation of eligibility from your insurer, such as a claim reference or authorisation number

4) During your consultation, Mr Fenn will advise you on any further tests, treatment or surgery. Following this appointment, you should contact your insurer again to confirm you have permission to go ahead with the recommended treatment/tests/surgery.

5) Once authorisation has been confirmed, arrangements can be made for your tests or hospital admission.

6) All medical bills in relation to your treatment will then be sent to your private medical insurer who will cover the cost of the hospitals care. However, the cost of the surgeon fees are often only partially covered by the insurance company. You would need to pay for the shortfall, this is separate to any policy excesses you may already have to pay. An indication of the expected price to pay ideally needs to be sorted out and paid before proceeding with surgery. Sometimes, due to insurance delays, this would need to sorted out after surgery.


Telephone numbers of Medical Insurers

AXA PPP 0845 600 4463

BCWA 0800 294 6796

Bupa Refer to your policy for contact number 

General Medical 0800 970 9942

Medisure 0800 294 5635

Norwich Union 0800 015 1013

Pru Health 0800 092 7333

Employer schemes - Refer to the paperwork provided by your employer

Self-pay patients

If you don’t have private health insurance, you are still able to see Mr Chris Fenn on a private basis by self-paying for your treatment. You can expect to pay for the following:

Initial consultation fee – for your first appointment with Mr Fenn

Operation fee - an all inclusive price which includes the surgical fees charged by Mr Fenn and his anaesthetist plus the care provided by the hospital. This fee also includes a follow-up appointment.

Please follow the steps below to organise treatment.

1) Arrange to see your GP and let him/her know that you would like to be seen privately by Mr Chris Fenn. 

2) Once you have been referred by your GP, you can arrange your appointment with Mr Fenn by calling his secretary, Claire Herbert, on 0113 218 5951.

3)  Initial/first consultation 

   Fee: £150

Your first appointment with Mr Fenn will be is what is called a ‘full consultation’. This involves a discussion about your problem and medical history as well as a physical examination.

Mr Fenn will then be able to outline the surgical options and discuss the nature of the surgery– including its limitations and possible complications.
A ‘surgical plan’ will be drawn up during the appointment. Following the consultation, you will be given a formal quote for your inclusive care surgery package. The written quote is valid for 3 months. 

In many cases there is a standard ‘guide’ price, often given by the hospital on initial enquiry, but a formal price can only be offered following your appointment with Mr Fenn. 

A bill for the consultation is sent in the post, often with the written information concerning the procedure. The first consultation fee of £150 can be paid on the day of the appointment or electronically by phoning Claire Herbert on 0113 218 5971.  Alternatively, you can write a cheque made out to Mr C.Fenn.  

You may be asked to swipe your debit/credit card on arrival at the hospital reception; this is for hospital tests/charges only.  Your consultation fee will NOT be taken from this card. Your fee is only payable directly to the surgeon. The hospitals take details of payment to cover any additional costs incurred at the hospital, but they will not take payment for anything without informing you first. 

Operation Fee

If you choose to proceed with surgery, the hospital will send you an invoice for the full cost of the treatment. This comprises the fees of Mr Fenn, the anaesthetist and the hospital. It also includes: 

- Further care or surgery – if needed, up until fully healed. This covers the costs of any potential complications that may arise after surgery.

-  Hospital stay – with accommodation in a single en-suite room, meals, refreshments and  newspaper if requested.

- Pre-assessment – a review and tests, if required, to prepare for surgery.

- Nursing care provided by experienced nurses

- Dressing care and support

- Follow up and review by Mr Fenn 

Payment for surgery is required at least 7 days before the admission date. It is paid directly to the Hospital and can be made using a credit/debit card payment or bankers cheque. If you have any queries regarding this please contact the Customer Service Officers at the hospital, and they will be happy to advise you.

5) Following your treatment, you will be able to go home and return for a follow up consultation with Mr Fenn

Please see the table of estimates costs for common procedures covered by health insurance;


 Procedure  Insurance Codes

Estimate of Insurance support for surgeon fee 

Total Surgeon Fee 

 Wide excision melanoma/BCC/SCC ONLY 

  S0602 / S0603 £250 - 500 £600 
 Wide excision melanoma/BCC/SCC plus local flap/skin graft  S0602 / S0603 + S2500 / S3500  £400 - 750  £900
 Narrow Excision naevus ONLY  S0632 / S0633  £107 - 300  £400
Bilateral Nipple reconstruction  S2500 / B3580  £320 - 650  £1200


The amount an insurer will pay for your procedure will differ for each insurance company and each policy held. Please check your terms and conditions and find out the amount your insurer will cover for the surgeon portion for each procedure you authorise. The hospital fees will always be covered in full by your insurer as these are contracted set fees.

For further information, contact Claire Herbert on 0113 218 5971